TriCat Games is an independent game developer based in Cambridge, UK. It is a partnership formed by Phil Busuttil and David Thatcher. We are ex-mainstream developers who became disillusioned with the publisher-driven model of development, and left to pursue our own projects. Collectively we have 25 years of experience in the games industry.

Phil Busuttil @tribladex

Phil has worked in the industry for almost 15 years. As a passionate gamer, he joined the games industry in 2001 as one of three QA members working at Firefly Studios. Over the next nine years he grew his skillset in many different areas including scenario design, website creation, creating mini-games, game programming and combat design. He later joined Ninja Theory and, using the broad range of skills in his new role as a technical designer, worked on multiple titles while further increasing his skillset, picking up significant knowledge of both UE3 and UE4.

David Thatcher @Synnah

David has worked for Codemasters, Lionhead and Ninja Theory in the past, as a Quality Assurance Technician. QA enabled him to see the development process from all angles, making slipping into a development role relatively painless. He was interested in making games from an early age, and has pursued various avenues of creation over his time in the industry. His main areas of interest - and what he brings to TriCat - are audio, art and design.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to develop and release games that are fun and engaging to play whilst being focused on mechanics. Our initial plan is to create relatively small-scale mobile games, and gradually increase the size and scope of our projects, branching out to PC and console development, whilst keeping the same mechanical focus.

We also aim to be open about our development process, using the TriCat Games blog to discuss what we're doing and why.